Business Solution

What We Do

From the moment you reach out to us, we’re hyper-focused on the right strategy, talent, and funding to convert your ideas into revenue. 

Our battle-tested 3-step process.

After a short interview, we dig into your business and figure out what’s missing,
what’s the solution, and how we’ll get there.

To make sure your plan becomes a reality, we’ll support your team with our best-in-class talent network.

No business can succeed without the necessary capital.
We help companies go from the application process to millions of dollars in government funding. 

PR and Marketing

Great ideas only work if people are listening. Our network of marketing gurus will transform your ideas into the ultimate product that people need in their lives.

Digital Transformation

Every industry is going digital, including yours. Stay ahead of the curve with end-to-end tech solutions, whether it’s an e-commerce platform or internal CRM system.

Design and Branding

Breathe new life into your brand with an in-house design team experienced in sleek graphics, creative direction, and outside-the-box ideas.

Video Production

86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — are you? Start creating video content with a range of budgets, from social media production to professional studio-level content.

Lower Your SME Costs

Secure up to $7,400,000 in government funding


From start to finish, One Eight Pal guides you through the process for government funding. This way, you can stay ambitious and focus on your business, while we can help lower the costs for your grand plans. 

Go Bigger With The Right Talent

Tap into an industry-leading talent network (that won’t break your budget), whether you’re looking to boost your SEO presence, build engaging mobile applications, or create viral video content.

Not sure what your business needs?